visually-challenged students joyride in aircraft

It was a memorable Sunday for 22 visually-challenged students, who enjoyed a joyride in aircraft. The Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy organised the free joyride for students of Devnar Foundation, Begumpet, at its Nadirgul Airfield, B.N. Reddy Nagar, on the outskirts of the city. The students from Standard X boarded the aircraft in groups of four, and each sortie lasted for about 20 minutes. The organisers also provided lunch for students.



Conserve water, students told

‘Only 2.5 per cent of water resources are fresh in nature’

On earth only 2.5 per cent of water resources are fresh in nature, but even this little quantum is solidified as ice in Polar regions leaving only about 0.5 per cent fresh water in the plain areas.

Ground Water Department Deputy Director A. Varaprasad, explained that water was either on the surface as rivers or streams, ponds or lakes or as groundwater, beneath the surface.

At a seminar organised in Siddartha Pharma College to educate students on ‘Water Conservation and Management’ as a part of ‘Yuvata-Jalabhavita’ programme organised by the Ground Water Department, he added that growing population associated with pollution, urbanisation, global warming, climatic changes, monsoonal vagaries etc., was causing stress on the fresh water resources and many areas on the globe were facing water shortage.

College Principal G. Devala Rao said that every student should know the other aspects of society in addition to their core subject and water conservation was one of them. Everybody should know and practise water conservation at individual level.

Novel programmes

The Indian government had declared 2013 as ‘Water Conservation Year’ and with a view to educate people on water conservation and management, the department was organising novel programmes for high school and college level students in the name of Jalambadi and Yuvata-Jalabhavita.

Wrong view

Mr. Rao also said that people view water as a free commodity and feel that it was available in good quantum. They also feel that nothing would happen even if we use water abundantly. This kind of perception leads to water wastage, misuse, overuse, indiscriminate use and ineffective use, he opined.

While focusing on the wastage of water done by the people at their individual level in the day to day affairs the students were informed that much water is being wasted due to running taps while brushing, shaving, shower-bathing, gardening, cleaning of house floors, utensils, cars etc.

The college students, principal and staff took an oath to conserve water resources.


Alumni meet

Old students of Nalanda Degree College met at the Old Students Meet – Nalanda Connect- 2013 in Vijayawada on Wednesday. According to principal Anuradha, the old students meet is held every year on December 25, and students from various batches including the first batch participate in the meet. Games and various competitions were held and the former students turned up in large numbers and participated enthusiastically.



Sushumna Kriya Yogam(Yoga) training

A free training programme on ‘Sushumna Kriya Yogam’ will be conducted at Gandhi Bhavan behind Kakinada Municipal Corporation office on Wednesday. The two-hour long training programme will begin at 4 p.m. According to P. Sanjeev Kumar, secretary of the Universal Spiritual Foundation, the training would help improve one’s self-confidence, concentration and mental peace.

Further details can be had on phone number 92902-72484, according to a press release issued here.


Maths magic!

It drives me crazy,

Drives me mad

I’ll do it, I’m not lazy

It ain’t so bad.

During exam

If I don’t do it well

I’ll be damned

Into the depths of hell

It’s all about concept and logic

A little hard to catch

To be honest

It’s more of treats and tricks

Forever it’s the best,

The subject mathematics!

by un know student.

Free educational websites designed

A virtual school uploaded with subject-based lessons, 1,008 short stories and 100 corporate skills, is now made available to the children of all age groups.

International Council for Educational Research and Training (INCERT) and AIMS designed an educational website that imparts online classes. Director of INCERT and AIMS Jaya Venugopal said:

“The objective is to eliminate the concept of tuitions where children can sit at home and access lessons at their own convenience. ”

The three websites –, www. and www. aim to reach out to the children. The portal also provides e-library.


A red-letter day for Nalanda institutions

TRADITIONAL GREETING:Nalanda students in traditional attire at sports day in Vijayawada on Friday. (Right) Students participating in the event with masks.— Photos: Ch.Vijaya Bhaskar

  • TRADITIONAL GREETING:Nalanda students in traditional attire at sports day in Vijayawada on Friday. (above) Students participating in the event with masks.— Photos: Ch.Vijaya Bhaskar


 District Sports Development Officer inaugurates the sports extravaganza

It was a red-letter Day for the students of Nalanda Vidya Niketan. The 16 th annual sports day of the school clubbed with the silver jubilee celebrations of the Nalanda Educational Institutions was a big occasion for all. A festive atmosphere prevailed at the inauguration of T-20, an inter-school games and sports competition organised on the occasion. The students of the Dr. K.K.R. Gowtham , St.John’s, Rainbow, V.P. Siddhartha, Kendriya Vidyalayas, Bishop Grassi, KCP Adarsh, and Delhi Public School participated in the athletic competitions, football and cricket matches conducted to mark the occasion.

There was a grand sports day parade with children from all classes participating in it. District Sports Development Officer P. Ramakrishna, who inaugurated the sports extravaganza, said that the inauguration was like that of an international sports event. School principal M. Padmaja said that ten coaches had been appointed by the school to help students develop their skills in different sports and athletics. Tiny tots dressed as cheerleaders, a troupe of Bharathanatyam dancers and a group of children wearing masks of a cartoon character stole the show at the parade.