Rotary Club Visakha Port City – to install drinking water facilities in schools

Rotary Club Visakha Port City conducted a meeting for installation of new team on Saturday at Rotary Grandeur.

Speaking on the occasion, former District Governor Goli Bhaskar Rao gave details on the contribution of Rotary in pulse polio eradication. He installed club president V. Narayana Rao and secretary Y. Srinivasa Kumar.

Mr. Rao informed that this year the club was planning to install safe drinking water and hand wash facilities under Swachh Vidyalaya scheme in over 50 government schools in the district.

Rotary assistant governor D.S. Prakasa Rao, Rotary Public Image chairman P.L.K. Murthy, district governor nominee G. Viswanadh and past presidents G.S. Raju, K.S.M.K Murthy, K.S. Narayana, Muralidharan Pilllai, Phillip and others were present.




Visakha Museum, GVMC : Solo show of prints and paintings by T. Sri Lalitha, museum premises, Beach Road, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) and Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd : Gandhi Shilp Bazaar exhibition-cum-sale of handicrafts and artistic textiles, Rythu Bazaar Ground, MVP Colony, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Rotary Club Visakha Port City : Speaker meeting by Rotarian K.S.M.K. Murthy on ‘New Provisions of Companies Act and Income Tax’, Hotel Green Park, 7.00 p.m.

Co-Optex : Sale-cum-exhibition, 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.


‘Fun doctor’ sets off peals of laughter

Sunday morning gave some moments for members of Rotary Clubs to cherish for a long time with their activities coming to an end in December on a truly humorous note as ‘Hasya Brahma’ Sankara Narayana tickled their funny bones with his talk on ‘Hasya Prahasanalu’ at Vijayawada Club.

It was an impressive gathering of members of Rotary Clubs of Vijayawada Central, East, Midtown, Sree Durga and Krishnaveni that was treated to the best of jokes by Sankara Narayana, who made stand-up comedy his favourite pastime.

The riot of laughter which began with his opening remark ‘Amayakulaku Namaskaram’ (because he considered Rotarians as innocent by virtue of their ‘self-less service’) instead of ‘Sabhaku Namaskaram’, went on for an hour as the audience were glued to their seats. One thing which they did not do was resist from smiling as the ‘Hasyavadhani’ kept cracking jokes in his inimitable style.

Mr. Sankara Narayana asserted that laughter was the best medicine, while telling a joke about an elderly couple and a young one living close-by. The old couple often hears quarrels and sobbing from the house of the young couple. The young ones always find the elderly laughing (not fighting at all).

Deciding to find the ‘secret of their joy’, the young couple question the elderly and promptly get the reply from the old woman that she laughs whenever the utensils she flings at her husband hit the target and he does that when the projectiles miss him.

Another woman asks her husband as to what was he doing. He says he was busy doing research on mosquitoes and when confronted by her what was that, he replied “I killed six mosquitoes and found half of them to be female and the others male”. The woman wonders how was that possible to which the man says, three mosquitoes landed on a mirror and the others were perched on beer bottles.

A political satire goes like this: a visiting Japanese delegation finds Bihar very backward and promises to transform it into a place like theirs in six months, to which Chief Minister of Bihar retorts “give us a chance, we will convert Japan into Bihar in just six days”.


Painting competition – K.S.Gupta memorial with Rotary club of Vizag.

Painting competition

The K.S.Gupta Memorial Trust in association with Rotary Club Visakhapatnam is organizing a painting competition as part of its “NEW GENERATION MONTH ACTIVITIES”

The contest in “MINIATURE PAINTING” will be held with Different “THEMES” on Saturday at Hawa Mahal on the Beach road.

The contest will be conducted in 4 Categories.





To register or For Details Please Contact:

Land: 0891-2716439 or 2713848.

Mobile: 991 211 2833.