Organs donated by Bimladevi Satyanarayan Agarwal

The family members of Vizianagaram-based patient Bimladevi Satyanarayan Agarwal donated her organs after she was declared brain dead by the doctors at Metas Adventist Hospital in Surat.

The 65-year-old brain dead woman’s sons Muralidhar Agarwal and Gajanan Agarwal decided to donate their mother’s organs to other patients needing organ transplant.

They said they wanted to give a new lease of life to the patients by donating organs such as kidneys, liver and eyes. While liver and kidneys were received by Institute of Kidneys Disease and Research Centre, eyes were given to Lok Drashti Chakshu Bank.

Later, kidneys were transplanted to Jamnagar-based patient Upendra Joshi and Anil Hamuappa in Ahmedabad.

Liver was transplanted to a patient Kishore Upadhyay in Ahmedabad, a close relative of the family from the city said.

He expressed hope that it would serve as an inspiration.