‘Art of story-telling and writing making a comeback’

The country has a rich tradition of classical and folk story telling: NBT official

The National Council of Children’s Literature will conduct a couple of programmes to promote the art of story-telling among children and young adults in the silver jubilee book fair to be held at the Swaraj Maidan here from January 1 to 11.

National Book Trust programme coordinator Prasuna Balantrapu told The Hindu that efforts were being made to revive the fine art of story-telling in the country. The country had a very rich tradition of classical and folk story telling, but it declined after the advent of cinema and television.

But efforts were being made to revive the art form by educationists as a teaching tool. The council of children’s literature has invited chief creative director of Karadi Tales Sobha Viswanath to conduct a lecture-demonstration on January 7 at the main dais of the Vijayawada Book Festival. Ms. Viswanath is one among those who has been advocating story-telling has a tool to surmount the huge task of educating the masses of the country. Stories inspire and make the children in a better world.

Ms. Prasuna said that as a prelude to the lecture-demonstration a story writing competition was being conducted for children and young adults on January 6 morning. She said story-telling was gaining popularity again and it helps children to understand and the adults to enjoy. Also, story-writing and telling improve the power of concentration and imagination, helping children become well-rounded adults. Ms. Sobha Viswanath’s lecture-demonstration would be a unique experience for students, teachers and parents, she said.


  • Creative director of Karadi Tales requested

    to conduct a lecture-demonstration

  • Story-writing and telling improve concentration and imagination of children’


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