Visually challenged learn to operate computers

This will enable us to lead a better life, they say

Computers are the eyes to the visually challenged persons and they must learn the skills of operating a computer for betterment of their life, said Naveen Kumar of Enable India.

He was addressing the valedictory of the three-week long computer workshop organised for students with visual impairment, on Saturday at Andhra Loyola College (ALC). Three of the visually challenged students K. Srinivas, Sai Vinayak and Prasanna Kumar demonstrated the method of using the computers using NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) software.

Sai Pawan Kumar, Joji and Satya Narayana Reddy shared their opinion on this workshop. The participants thanked the college management and Higher Education for the Persons with Special Needs (HEPSn) for their support and taking the lead in organising such events. The skills the students learnt through this workshop would enable them to lead a better life, they said.

Principal of ALC Fr. G.A.P. Kishore, appreciated the role played by HEPSn volunteers and declared that the ALC would support these activities rigorously.

Correspondent Fr. S. Raju said that the goal of education was not only to make the students academically bright but also to make them sensitive to people and enable them grow as value-based leaders. The project HEPSn contributed to this mission, he felt.

The HEPSn coordinator Sahaya Baskaran said cricket matches would be organised for the visually challenged students on Sundays as such activities would boost the morale of the students.

One of the students, Suvarchala, proposed the vote of thanks and participation certificates were given to students as well as volunteers who supported this project. The whole programme was anchored and conducted by the visually challenged students of ALC.

Vice-Principals Fr. Melchior and G. Sambasiva Rao, and Dean of Students Activities Syam Sunder participated.


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