Taking ‘Sampoorna Swachta’ to the grassroots

Rao Kancherla, former president of Kancherla Consultants, donated Rs.1 lakh to the Rotary Club Visakhapatnam Central to provide free sanitary napkins for girls of a government school for the entire academic year.

The motivation for this gesture came through after he read an article published recently in The Hindu .

The digital presentation of the literacy campaign of Sampoorna Swachta, meant to promote the concept of menstrual hygiene management, inspired president of Polisetti Charitable Trust and gynaecologist Suniti Polisetti to take forward the message of safe and hygienic practices in a big way.

She says, “Being a gynaecologist, I can educate mothers, teachers, and students by conducting parent-teacher meeting across the schools.”

At the awareness programme organised by RCVC at Sampoorna Rehabilitation Centre for Physically-Challenged on Thursday, women entrepreneurs, NGO representatives, doctors, and homemakers came forward to emphasise the need to look beyond the boundaries and make a consistent effort to promote the campaign.

“The idea is to ensure maximum participation where people from all walks of life can do their bit to take the campaign forward. What we are looking forward to is participation as well as sponsorship, which will help us connect to a larger audience,” says Sonia Gupta, president of the club.

Interestingly, those who were part of the drive came up with better marketing strategies.

“In our next self-help group cluster meeting, scheduled to be held this month-end, we are planning to educate SHG leaders on the initiative . It helps us to reach out to a wider section of people, particularly those residing in slum areas, where the awareness level is remarkably low,” says Shirin Rehman, president of Chaitanya Sravanthi.

As an initial gesture, Dr. Shirin Rehman bought 40 packs of eco-friendly sanitary napkins and plans to distribute them free of cost among low-income groups. “This is just the beginning. Based on their feedback, we intend to support the drive in a big way,” she sums up.

At a meeting, speakers see need for creating awareness on menstrual hygiene management



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