Real cards in a virtual world

Real cards in a virtual world

Meet the man who has been collecting greeting cards for 40 years

it is on the cardsFor K. R. SatishPhoto: Sudhakara Jain

 K. R. Satish – Photo: Sudhakara Jain

Some people collect coins and some stamps or postcards. But, here is one who loves to collect greeting cards. You’re curious because in an age where everything is virtual, you meet K.R. Satish, 63-year-old retired man, who started collecting greeting cards just for fun 40 years ago.

“The first one I collected was a greeting card I got from abroad. Those days it was rare for us to see or get anything from other countries. So I would treasure and collect them.

“Over the years my collection grew to 3,000. One day I decided to just keep the best. After sifting through my material, I now have a little over a 1,000 cards.”

He has displayed his collection at home on the shelves and floor in two rooms. The oldest card is 40 years and he is still collecting.

Some cards that he beams about are a wedding card, brought out as a book with scriptures from the Ramayana , another wedding card designed on a CD with the text as song lyrics and a bank manager’s wedding card printed as a cheque leaf.

Then he has a musical card that is 40-years-old.

“This is still running on its original battery and the sound is good,” he says and as he opens the card the happy birthday tune plays out loud and clear.

Satish also has a card designed as a mridanga and a few cards that have cut out designs and then there are those that move a head or a leg when the card is opened and shut.

He also has the 3-D effect greeting cards, for instance, the woman winks at you when you move the card up and down.

“I have dedicated this space for interested neighbours and friends to come and see my collection. I am also open to people to sending me their greeting cards in case they don’t want to keep them.”

If you are in a world where SMS and Whatsapp is how you communicate then Satish stands apart simply because he’s still hooked on to the real world.

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