Now edit photos on your phone


The app has ten tools, each for a specific task, to enhance your photos

Facetune is an app that has been created to give you professional quality photo editing tools in your hand. The app is supposed to be used with portraits or group photos so that you can improve the overall look of your subjects.

When you select a tool for the first time, you will be taken through a tutorial explaining what the tool does exactly, along with providing a general idea about how to use it. The tutorial focuses on features in a timely manner instead of taking you through a short tutorial when you launch the app for the first time where you are likely to forget what you quickly tapped through.

The tool guides also have a video at the end of each brief explanation in case you want to see how the tool is intended to be used.

This visual demonstration goes a long way in helping you understand. The app has ten tools that you can us to enhance your photos. You will find various tools like Smooth, Reshape, Tones, Defocus, Crop, Patch, Red Eye, Whiten, and various filters and frames. Each tool has a specific task, and while most of them are somewhat similar in how you use them, they all have minor tweaks and nuances that you will eventually familiarize yourself with.

The Patch tool, for example, helps you cover up moles, pimples and beauty marks. You will have to select the spot you want to cover up, and then select a portion of skin to copy and replace the unwanted mark with.

You will be able to zoom in on a photo, or increase the size of the area to be covered by pinching to zoom. You will also be able to move the photo around by just dragging your finger across the screen. It also has a “Move” button that disables the editing tool presently selected that would normally apply an edit, so you can move the photo.


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