The little girl…!!!

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl called Meena. She was a bookworm and spent her time reading or singing something. Her ambition was to become a singer or an author. She loved studying too, and her favourite subject was maths. Her best friend was Shambhavi. But, she also had an arch nemesis called Geeta. One day in school, while she was finishing lunch, Shambhavi came running in and said that she’d seen a man kidnapping a little girl. Ever since then, they had been working on that mystery. Since she had read many mystery books, Meena was able to get many ideas. Soon, they started progressing on the case. Then suddenly, when she was unwell and could not go to school, Shambhavi caught the man and solved the case. When Meena came back the next day, Shambhavi told Geeta about it and together they made fun of her. Since Meena could find comfort only in reading or singing, she sang. Shambhavi later apologised and they lived happily ever after.



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