Striking shades of human emotions

Sri Lalitha Tekumalla explaining her works put up at Visakha Museum in Visakhapatnam on Thursday. —Photo: K.R. Deepak

Sri Lalitha Tekumalla explaining her works put up at Visakha Museum in Visakhapatnam on Thursday. —Photo: K.R. Deepak

The theme ‘Bond’ portrays emotions of a woman when she is lost in a warm embrace. The union of Siva and Shakti comes alive through a pencil sketch labelled ‘Divine couple’. A woman soaking in the beauty of moonlit evening is depicted well in ‘Athmanandam’.

With a line of themes such as ‘Merging souls’, ‘Deep routed desire’, ‘Heart to heart’, ‘Self control and inner conflict’, ‘Motherhood’, ‘Icha Shakthi’, and ‘Loneliness’, Sri Lalitha Tekumalla, an MFA student of Andhra University, put up 40 prints and a few paintings at her maiden solo exhibition that began at Viskaha Museum on Thursday evening.

Bringing a mix of water colour, acrylic, dry pastels, and charcoals mediums together, Ms. Sri Lalitha used interesting techniques such as etching, woodcut, and dry point.

Focus on reality

Focusing on reality, her prints tell a story and expresses different shades of emotions, experiences, relationships, aspirations, desires, and expectations of individuals.

Some of her striking prints are dominated by yellow, blue, and green hues, besides a combination of black and white.

Book released

“I wanted to express what I have experienced in my life through art. These prints provide an insight into how I perceive a relationship, romance, and go about the entire journey of life,” says Ms. Sri Lalitha.

Capturing her thoughts on various themes of art, a book titled ‘The Itinerant Pilgrim’ was released on the occasion.

“It speaks about my love for painting and prints, and various aspects that inspired me to bring out a particular theme,” she said, explaining her book.

The exhibition is open at Visakha Museum on the Beach Road till Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Sunday between 12 noon and 8 p.m.

Sri Lalitha Tekumalla’s maiden solo exhibition of prints and paintings begins at Visakha Museum



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