Many engineering graduates fail to make the grade

A large majority of engineering graduates lack basic communication skills and an attitude to work, president and CEO of Miracle Software Systems Lokam Prasad has said.

“What is disconcerting is that these candidates have good academic grades. The situation is extremely disappointing. Worse still is that this situation is not limited to Visakhapatnam colleges,” Mr. Prasad told The Hindu .

“We have planned to recruit 1,500 graduates this year, but the response has been disappointing. In fact, at the off campus recruitment drive organised by Andhra University, in association with Millennium Software Solutions, we hoped to recruit 700 youngsters, but could find only 300 eligible candidates,” he said.

There are two basic points we look for — ability to communicate in English and willingness to put in some hard work.

It is unfortunate that these are lacking in a majority of the engineering graduates. By a rough estimate, there are two lakh engineering graduates searching for jobs.

“The two-day job fair saw 16,000 engineering graduates turn up for 1,000 vacancies, including 700 at Miracle. At the end, only 1,385 candidates got selected in 14 companies, which is less than 10 per cent of the total applicants,” CEO of Millennium Software Sridhar Reddy said.

All these students should have actually been picked up in the campus recruitments. This indicates that they lack skills.

State initiative

They should take advantage of the skill development programmes being conducted by the government, said an official during the job fair. The students should focus on internship and take their project work seriously, he added.

Despite having good academic grades, they lack basic communication skills and an attitude to work hard.

Lokam Prasad

CEO of Miracle Software Systems


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