Dream on…

Dream on…

Searching and searching a letter came into my hand 

Oh look it’s a letter from wonderland!

The place with chocolates and candies

And berries and sweets, all for me 

Swimming in chocolate, munching

Licking the candies and plucking the berries

It’s the place with snowman’s cuddling around 

And lots and lots of ginger breads huddling about 

And as I was going on a ride in a ferry 

And bite a strawberry…

I heard a loud rumbling noise 

I looked around to see whose voice 

It seemed like the buzzing of a bumble bee 

But it turned out to be my alarm clock as I woke up from sleep 

But this journey to Wonderland will be a memory so true 

And I’m so glad that I shared it with you!

 —– by unknown!!!!
source : http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-features/tp-youngworld/dream-on/article6987853.ece



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