wipe a tear @ Visakhapatnam

wipe a tear @ Visakhapatnam.

Members of Wipe A Tear in Visakhapatnam.

Members of Wipe A Tear in Visakhapatnam

There are many things in life that we often take for granted. The cosy comforts of a home, unconditional parental love, and the solace of a cocooned existence. But not everyone has the privilege of a comfortable life. And not every day do you come across sensitive, young souls who get together to work for that section of society, deprived of these basic comforts.

It is with this idea that a group of youngsters joined hands to form a non-profitable organisation called ‘Wipe A Tear’ for helping the underprivileged groups in orphanages and old-age homes of the city.

Started by college students Charan Karthik, Tejus Ramanuja, and Andey Soumya five months ago, ‘Wipe A Tear’ aims at supporting the needy and poor sections of society.

Today, the organisation has 30 active members.

“We have identified 16 orphanages and old-age homes in the city and want to extend our support to them. For this, we will be organising fund-raising events,” said Vamsi Krishna, who handles the finances of the organisation.

Till date, ‘Wipe A Tear’ has organised five programmes such as food provisions distribution event at Papa Home for girls, an awareness walk, fund-raising events like treasure hunt.

Flash mob

The organisation has lined up a series of events for next month.

On June 1, there will be a presentation show about ‘Wipe A Tear’ followed by a flash mob opposite YMCA on the Beach Road. A beach cleaning drive, donation of school shoes, paying hospital allowances of an orphanage will also be organised.

“We plan to conduct one event every month for fund-raising,” said Krishna, a B.Tech student of Andhra University.

Those interested to join the organisation can visit their Facebook page — ‘Wipe A Tear’.

Like-minded youngsters join hands to reach out to the underprivileged groups in orphanages and

old-age homes


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