Few takers for classical music lessons

Few takers for classical music lessons.

Children seem to evince an interest in it only to achieve instant fame

Hyderabad sisters Lalitha and Haripriya.— PHOTO: K.V. POORNACHANDRA KUMAR

Hyderabad sisters Lalitha and Haripriya.— PHOTO: K.V. POORNACHANDRA KUMAR

Like any other field of study, classical music also faces the challenge of a dwindling number of serious learners. Though there is an apparent groundswell among children evincing interest in classical music, be it vocal, dance or instrumental, most turn out to be chasing ‘instant fame’.

In the first place, the number of takers for the graduate, postgraduate, certificate courses and doctoral programmes in music offered by various universities and music colleges is anything but encouraging. Though academic pursuit is not everybody’s cup of tea and hence cannot be taken as the barometer, the number of enthusiasts wishing to learn from seasoned musicians in the ‘Gurukul’ style is also declining.

There are several instances of women, especially city-bred housewives, approaching musicians with the sole intention of becoming music teachers, with an eye on the demand in the neighborhood. Similarly, children learn only to the extent of shining in famous reality music shows on the small screen. “We cannot blame anybody for the trend. But admittedly, there has been a decline in the number of serious learners,” lament Hyderabad sisters Lalitha and Haripriya, in an informal chat with The Hindu .

‘Manodharma’, the practice of seriously relishing the Swaras, takes music learning to a higher plane. However, the focus on it is found wanting in the State when compared to Tamil Nadu, the duo acknowledge. “Even film songs are remembered due to higher exposure, which is not followed in case of ‘Manodharma’. Better exposure and sustained practice are the only answers,” they say.

What is heartening to note is that even after basking in glory for long, the siblings declare themselves as ‘serious learners’ even today, recalling the oft-repeated adage, “Learning is a continuous process.”

Few takers for classical music lessons due to the traditions in the market of music. hence i feel this is the time to learn and show your talent to the world.


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