Want to sale “www.dayincity.wordpress.com”

Hi, want to sale http://www.dayincity.wordpress.com inorder to give hundred percent focus to my another blog.

want to sale http://www.dayincity.wordpress.com.


Thank you one and all for your support show all the way since the inception http://www.dayincity.wordpress.com. I started this blog to cover “Latest news, Fun, Entertainment and other consultancy services”

why sale offered on http://www.dayincity.wordpress.com

As  said i started another blog which is my area where i can do magic, so thought of this site to keep for sale to  someone else where they will give right direction.

what is the  current position of http://www.dayincity.wordpress.com

My Journey and our Current status on the Internet Blogging World as on 19-03-2014 @ 3:21pm of India.

    Started On August 1st week of 2014

        Total Hits                 19,421 

        Total Followers      388

        Alexa Rank :            959693 ,

                                     ( http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/dayincity.wordpress.com)

who can negotiate ?

Only those who are following http://www.dayincity.wordpress.com currently.

If interested please send me mail with your offer to “plusandhra@gmail.com”

Note: First come first and the last day to finalize is 31-03-2014 , 6:00 pm as per Indian Timings.

Thank you and looking forward



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