‘Coffee, please’ gets you a big discount at this snack bar

Being friendly can save you money in Germany, where a snack bar operator is offering coffee at prices that depend on how politely customers place an order.

A curt demand for coffee costs almost $10, but it costs just $3 if you trill a friendly “coffee, please” over the counter at the booth in the south western city of Stuttgart.

Anything in between costs the customer $7.

“Some customers are exaggeratedly polite and ask me for an even steeper discount,” smiles Carsten Hendricks, who runs Kantinchen, a stall on Stuttgart’s Karlsplatz farmers’ market.

Hendricks says the price policy is just a gag: he never has forced a surly curmudgeon to pay $10.

He got the idea from La Petite Syrah, a restaurant in Nice in southern France, where the owner does warn off rude guests, making the eatery very popular with tourists.DPA



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