Keep organs healthy to stay fit

Need to give up momentary pleasures like smoking, drinking stressed

Despite the fact that much has been talked and written about kidney health, most of us do not pay attention to its upkeep until it’s too late.

Intentionally or unintentionally, the bean-shaped organs are often taken for granted or rather abused. Little care and simple measures can go a long way in maintaining one’s health.

World Kidney Day, observed on the second Thursday of March every year, is as good a day as any to stop and check on what we are doing to ensure that these organs are healthy and helping us stay fit. Despite knowing about the importance of kidneys, when we are outside we do drink less water as the toilets are unhygienic, says R.V. Keerthi, a college student.

It is ours to choose between the momentary pleasures given by smoking and drinking liquor and staying healthy for a lifetime, says a health-conscious young professional Ahmed Shaik.

“The suffering of my neighbour who had to undergo dialysis everyday has made me take a vow to take care of my health,” says bank employee Shruti.

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