Psychologist’s research on Telugu kids abroad

To study key aspects of the impact of Indian culture on kids and teenagers born and raised in Singapore and Malaysia, their behavioural pattern and bonding with parents, city-based psychologist and Krishna District Child Welfare Committee member T. S. Rao is visiting the two countries. Accompanied by personality development expert M.V. Rao and Victory Publication proprietor I. Ramkumar, Dr. Rao will leave for Malaysia on March 12. There, he would dedicate his book ‘Baalala ku Bangaaru Baata’ to Telugu language proponent in Malaysia Achchaiah Kumar.

In Singapore, he would dedicate his book “Aanandaaniki 50 Maargaalu’ (50 ways to happiness) to Telugu language promoter Kasani Durgaprasad. Mr. M.V. Rao would release his book ‘Aanandam tho Vijayam’ (Success through Happiness). The trio will return on March 18.



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