Ramky to take up garbage collection

The GHMC has decided to hand over the task of door-to-door collection and transfer of garbage to Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited (REEL) in the east and west zones of the city. The long pending move has been part of the agreement arrived between the civic body and REEL, developer of the Hyderabad Integrated Solid Waste Management project five years ago.

Ramky would take up the job of getting the solid waste collected from the doorsteps in these two zones, transfer and segregate it before shifting it to the dump yard. A fee of around Rs.20 to Rs.25 is to be collected from the households. A differential pricing based on the locality and other factors would be worked out soon, officials said. Though as per the agreement signed in the year 2009, the project developer was supposed to be entrusted with the job of collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste generated in the city, the collection and transfer aspects remained stalled due to opposition from the workers unions.

The GHMC officials maintain that these clauses were part of the agreement which need to be implemented and not kept aside for long. “Though courts and government was approached by the workers representatives, they had refused to interfere. We are bound by the agreement and the project developer can charge us with not honouring the same,” pointed out an official.

GHMC Commissioner Somesh Kumar said the move in no way would affect the sanitation work in other parts. “We will ensure our workers are not disturbed or affected in any way,” he added.



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