The pearl city of India

Touring Hyderabad was a nice experience. We prepared a perfect itinerary for our visit around the city.

The first place we visited was the Choumalla palace. We had a glimpse of clothes, weapons, crockery, furniture, vehicles etc. used by Nizams. We attired ourselves as Nizams and took pictures. The unique style and elegance of the palace made us fly to the world of Nizams.

Then we drove to the Charminar, a minaret built by Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah. We climbed to the top of it and had a panoramic view of the city. Then, we shopped at Laad Bazaar which is famous for pearls and traditional jewelllery, especially the bangles. The next day, we went to Birla Mandir, the white marble temple of lord Vishnu. We enjoyed the coolness and the intricate sculptures of the temple.

We also got a sight of the Secret Lake ,Hussain Sagar Lake with Lord Buddha standing on the ‘Rock of Gibraltar’. Luckily, this was during the festive season and we dropped by to see the Ganesha Visarjan, the immersion of the idols.

Then we visited the Golconda fort, which means ‘shepherd’s hill’. We took a stroll & enjoyed the military architecture. The most interesting is the clapping monogram, a place for communicating messages by clapping. Feeling famished after the long walk, we relished the tasty Hyderabad cuisine.

The next day started with a drive to the HITECH city, the IT Park. We were astonished to see so many IT companies under one roof.

We set off to the railway station. Alas! Our return train was cancelled due to a Telangana rally. Though our perfect itinerarycollapsed, it paved a path to visit a temple that we missed.

We went to Chilkur Balaji Temple, popularly known as “Visa” Balaji temple. What fascinated me is that the temple has no hundi!

R.Divyaa, Grade 7,ONGC Public School,

Neravy, Karaikal.



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