Life after Death of Mr.Mariappan#2

The organs of a 56-year-old man, who was declared brain dead, were donated by his family members.

According to sources, M. Mariappan of Venkataramanan Street, Pollachi, met with an accident a few days ago.

He was on his way home when an autorickshaw fell on him.

He sustained head injuries and was rushed to the Government Hospital.

On referral he was admitted to GKNM Hospital in Coimbatore.

The sources said that there was a blood clot in the brain. After keeping him under medication, the doctors told the family that his condition was deteriorating. On Saturday, he was declared brain dead.

The doctors also told the family about organ donation and encouraged them to do so, said Mariappan’s friend and Pollachi Ward 14 Councillor N. Palanikumar.

Mariappan’s wife Rathnam and second son Govindaraj agreed to donate the organs. The couple’s first son was on his way from the U.S.

The sources in the hospital said that they had harvested liver and kidneys and were in the process of sending them to the Kovai Medical Center and Hospital in the city.



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