Heavenly adieu to the departed

While the GHMC is struggling to get its electric crematoriums functioning, a private-public initiative has opened a modern eco-friendly crematorium complex, markedly different in terms of upkeep and ambience.

‘Swarg Vatika’ has come up near an old open cremation ground on the road leading to Manasarovar Heights, the housing complex off RTC colony at Trimulgherry, Secunderabad. It has gassifier/bio-gas and LPG/CNG crematoriums, both located in a neatly kept building inside the walled facility.

The complex has a 30-ft high chimney, and the machinery is equipped with a wet scrubber pollution control system to prevent soot and foul odour from going out.

More importantly, the entire area has pleasant environs, with trees and plants, paved pathways, covered shelters, chairs, clean changing rooms and a parking lot.

“Our idea is to have a facility serving as an abode of peace and tranquillity unlike what we usually encounter,” says D.N. Gauri, chairman, Swarg Vatika Trust, and the man behind the project, which is said to have cost more than Rs. 2.5 crore. Over the last four years, he had been liaising with the authorities and then Collector Navin Mittal for delineating the land. He also roped in top industrialists, doctors and eminent citizens to contribute towards the project spread across 13,000 square metres.

“There is no such PPP facility in any other city. I want it to be the best in the country. We will run the crematorium on a secular basis and is open to all castes and communities at a nominal cost. The poor will get free service,” affirms Mr. Gauri, an ex-IAF officer, philanthropist and industrialist. Contact him at dayanand@gauries.com or 23778803.

The facility has servant/staff quarters, mortuary, cold store, ashes room and vehicles to transport the dead. For those opting for conventional firewood funeral, the trust has developed five platforms.

The donors include K. Satish Reddy of Dr. Reddy’s Lab, J. Ranjith Rao of My Home Group, C. Malla Reddy of Malla Reddy Group of Institutions, Sunil Talwar of Talwar Hyundai and doctors Somaraju, Mohana Vamsy, Guruva Reddy, Kasu Prasad Reddy, Gokhale and B. Narsaiah.


‘Swarg Vatika’, a modern eco-friendly crematorium, constructed under PPP mode comes up near Manasarovar Heights at Tirumalgiri




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