Beware of Valentine’s Day

Love’s in the airGirls purchasing Valentine's Day gift from roadside shop

Love’s in the air Girls purchasing Valentine’s Day gift from roadside shop


We are so lucky in India! On February 14 we have the added excitement of confronting/ avoiding/ hiding from the Pink Chaddi walas.

Of course for media-starved Hyderabadi event managers, Valentine’s Day used to be a bonanza till these guys started spoiling the fun. The restaurants and pubs after all don’t want more than a few hundred guests at most. So why spend huge amounts on Press Ads or worse public, very public hoardings and attract notice from wrong quarters – those who don’t even know the names of these establishments? They probably think all the action is at Rose Restaurants.

The moral police started by the Pink Chaddis (you know who I mean) are out to spoil everyone’s fun. When you come to think of it how on earth does partying on Valentine’s Day tickle their kidneys or whatever? It’s like the neighbours who object to the New Year parties because they are not attending one themselves. I know people who invite these neighbours first to avoid such hassles.

But it’s one thing to invite neighbours to a big bash and another to invite the moral police gangs to an intimate Valentine’s dinner.

Their objection being it’s ‘phoren culture’. We from the land of Kamasutra, right? Okay then let’s call it by a suitable Indian name. A rose by any other name is still a rose, according to Shakespeare at least.

On the other hand thank God there is one day set aside to send red roses and remember people with love, romantically, platonically, paternally, maternally, etc.

There’s a general buzz in the air and romantic couples have a heyday, Archie cards sell like hot cakes, bakeries get oh so many orders and as for florists: it’s the best day in the year for them! All those horrendously arranged flower arrangements on pavements are all gone by evening!

A particular Gang of women loosely called Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women of Hyderabad is being formed as I speak and will be out in groups today, on Valentine’s Day, and do not resemble the moral police’s version of loose and pub going forward women — they may even be wearing saris, and belong to very sober professions like teaching, writing, coaching, police etc. In fact, they may even be mistaken for moral police and that’s when the fun can start. Spy vs spy vs spy!!

Finally it’s all about love, not lust, and let’s all spread love around, shall we? Tonight, let’s converge wearing a red rose on any Indian attire (no we are not getting westernised) and celebrate the love we have in all of us.


Founder, CoachLife


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