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Facebook to review family memorials post Dad’s plea for ‘Look Back’ video of dead son

Adad’s plea to watch Facebook’s ‘Look Back’ video of his deceased son got immense support and prompted the social networking giant to review how families can remember their loved ones through the site. John Berlin had posted a YouTube clip asking to see a Look Back video for his son Jesse, who died in 2012, aged 22, which soon got a nod from Facebook authorities. According to the BBC, Berlin said that Facebook had agreed to create one such video as he didn’t have access to his son’s profile, adding that the site has also agreed to look at how they can better help families who have lost loved ones. A Facebook spokeswoman said that the experience reinforced to them that there’s more Facebook could do to help people celebrate and commemorate the lives of people they have lost. Facebook already has a “memorialising” process for profiles of deceased users in place, where family members can send links from newspapers and other sources confirming the news of someone’s demise and hold a virtual service for those who couldn’t attend the deceased’s funeral. — ANI



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