A healthy initiative

Launching an unusual scholarship based on health, a 100-day programme has been rolled out by a diet care centre in the city.

Considering health on par with education, the new concept of health-based scholarship programme invites all government and private schoolchildren to participate. Depending on the age, a series of mind games and physical activities will be featured in four categories – A (Class I to III), B (Class IV to V), C (Class VI to VIII) and D (Class IX to X).

The three-month programme includes brain teasers, sports activities such as swimming, running and cycling.

Addressing the mediapersons here on Thursday, managing director of Mind Ur Diet B.K. Srikanth said: “The main object of our initiative is to make parents and teachers think that health plays a role in one’s life. There has been a lot of fuss these days about scoring top marks and cut-throat competition. In the bargain, children are pressured following which they are succumbing to stress-related ailments. With the introduction of our health-based scholarships, we want to bring about a change in society.”

The best healthy lot, from Class I to X, can walk away with scholarships and prizes that range from Rs.1 lakh to Rs. 50,000 under various categories such as best health improvement, best mental health, best physical health, best healthy body and best in academics, among several other heads.

With free entry being facilitated, schoolchildren should register for the scholarships before February 20 by contacting over phone No 0891- 7702147639 or 7702147693.



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