The eleventh hour wonder is here

What is in a number? Plenty. For Yousuf Qadri, poet, number 11 has a special place in his scheme of things. Of course, he was born on November 11, 1946 and has 11 children.

This is not all. His fascination for number 11 runs deeper. He recently wrote what he calls the 21 st century’s world big book. What is unique about this tome is that it comprises 11 books on as many different topics. And, each book has 11 volumes, and each volume runs into 1,111 pages. The books are priced 1,111 dollar apiece.

In keeping with his yen for the enchanting figure, Mr. Qadri is releasing the 11 books in 11 different countries. The first book, ‘Allah Ki Nazr’, was released in Chicago on the magic date 11/11/11. The book, which praises the attributes of the creator, was released at the dot of 11 hours, 11 minutes and 11 seconds. The second book, ‘Parcham-e-Islam’, was released at Jeddah in May last year.

The third volume, ‘Aalami Gazlain’, was unveiled in Hyderabad on Wednesday. Prince Muffakham Jah Bahadur, grandson of the seventh Nizam, released the book at a simple function. “I started writing poetry at the age of 11,” Mr. Qadri said on the occasion. The books, being published by the Space Urdu Academy of America, will be available by the year end.


Yousuf Qadri’s fascination for number 11 runs deeper, and he recently wrote what he calls the 21st century’s world big book



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