‘Gandhism a superior philosophy’

Director of Center for Policy Studies A. Prasanna Kumar on Tuesday said Gandhism was a superior idealism than all other ‘isms.’

Delivering a talk on Gandhism at a meeting conducted by ‘Monday Mosaic’, a literary organisation here, he said the Mahatma preached what he could implement in his life. Being a pragmatic thinker, Gandhiji wanted people from all religions to be at the helm of affairs in the Indian National Congress during the Freedom Struggle.

“He was beyond religion. Being a great humanist, he believed in traditional values as well as Western liberalism. During World War I, all the four empires collapsed but he proved that his ideals were superior to all other concepts based on capitalism, fascism, communism and Nazism,” Mr Prasanna Kumar said.

A former political science professor of Andhra University, Mr Kumar said that Gandhiji analysed various issues from micro to macro level. He wanted the Ministers and others in power after India’s Independence to act as public servants with a greater responsibility.


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