Shy kids as sharp as outspoken peers: study

Children who are shy of speaking understand what’s being said like their less shy peers, finds a study.

Children who are inhibited in their behaviour have performance problems while speaking with others but don’t lack capability — meaning that they are merely reluctant to respond rather than delayed or deficient in understanding language.

The study, involving 816 toddlers, was conducted at University of Colorado Boulder and University of Connecticut in the U.S.

“The findings suggest that inhibited behaviours like shyness don’t hamper language acquisition overall but instead relate specifically to how toddlers express themselves through words,” said Ashley K. Smith Watts, graduate student, and Soo H. Rhee, associate professor of psychology.

Researchers collected information from 816 children in Colorado.

Information was collected at ages 14, 20, and 24 months through parent reports and by observing children during home and lab visits.IANS


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