This is Life!

That music helps you to wake in the early hours,

And whistle round in lounges and the bars.

Riding around the city in the best of all cars,

To New York and the inexpressible Eiffel Tower.

That rhythm helps you get back on track,

After enjoying Sunday and here’s Monday back.

It finds you to tune up in your old sneakers,

Drinking in glasses, mugs or beakers.

It unwinds a journey of a tiring day,

Strictly keeping movie time and partying at bay.

At last, night time arrives for you to rest

And choose out of Beethoven and Mozart,

The one which is the best.

Listening to that soft instrumental music at your bed-side,

And lying on that unfortunate cheetah’s hide.

That’s the real life of pop stars,

Whistling round in banquets and the soofy bars.



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