GITAM students design eco-kart

Green agenda:The eco-kart designed by the students of GITAM at Rudraram in Medak district.– PHOTO: Mohd. ArifThe students of GITAM University at Rudraram in Medak district designed an eco-kart that runs with electrical power and reaches a top speed of 60 kmph.

The specialty of this vehicle is that it can be driven by using a motor with batteries which works more efficiently than normal go-kart vehicles that run on fuel driven engine.

Eco-friendly technology

This type of vehicles is eco-friendly and helps in saving fuel resources. The batteries can be easily charged by using solar panels and the vehicle can be run more efficiently and for more time when compared to normal vehicles.

“The motor is efficient enough to be used for go-kart,” said V. Devi Prasad, a third year mechanical student. The vehicle was also fitted with three electrical gears.The vehicle with light weight chassis and sufficient strength can carry about 200 kg in addition to the driver. Once charged for four hours, the vehicle can be run for 100 minutes without break.

However, the run time depends on the speed and load conditions. In no load condition, it can cover more than 100 km, Mr. Devi Prasad said.

As many as 15 students drawn from mechanical, electrical and electronics and instrumentation engineering divisions formed a group and designed the vehicle.

After struggling for about 45 days and spending about Rs 1.6 lakh, the students were able to come out with a working model.

The vehicle was designed for ‘ECOKART -2014’ competitions that would be held at Noida on February 5, 6 and 7 being organised by Society of Automotive Engineers.


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