‘Family system, spirituality will save country’

“Family system and spirituality will alone save the country from present crisis and all the problems that are being encountered in everyday life can be addressed by changing the current education system,” said V.V. Lakshminarayana, former Director of CBI.

Addressing “Vijayotsavam” of Rotary River City District-3020 conference on Saturday here, he called upon the parents to take a predominant role in shaping the youth of this country who are going to construct ‘spiritual Bharat.’

He said that India’s USP is its spirituality. He said that there is mad race for money in the country, which is affecting human relations and added that only education system with ethical and moral values will mould youth, who are the future of this country.

“Bharatiyam” Satyavani who addressed the afternoon session said that she started touring the State from last three years and opted only to address youth and children and not people above 40 as youth are the hope of the country.

Mrs. Satyavani emphasised the importance of the mother tongue and said that one should not forget mother, mother tongue, motherhood and motherland.

‘Don’t sell education’

Popular Telugu scholar and orator Garikapati Narasimha Rao who addressed the morning session appealed to the education institutions to stop commercializing education. “Value based education is important than schools which are being tagged with words such as techno, nano, hyper, synergy, international and Montessori,” he said.


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