Using ‘Burrakatha’ to promote road safety

Artistes performing Burrakatha at Narsaraopet in Guntur district on Friday.— PHOTO: T. VIJAYA KUMARTransport Department officials are using the popular folk art form of ‘Burrakatha’ to create awareness among people on road safety.

Deputy Transport Commissioner V. Sundar said that the RTA has been engaging artistes to visit villages and narrate how accidents occur and the steps to avoid road mishaps during the ongoing ‘25th National Road Safety Week’.

Tour in district

“We want to create awareness among the public on the dos and don’ts on roads, reasons for cause of mishaps and how to prevent road accidents. The ‘burrakatha’ troupe is touring the district on a ‘prachara ratham’ arranged by Road Transport Authority (RTA) and explaining traffic rules. The response from the public is good,” said the DTC.

RTO B. Chandar said the three-member team performed ‘burrakathas’ in villages in Mangalagiri, Bapatla, Narsaraopet, Tenali, Vinukonda and other mandals in the last five days. More villages would be covered in the next two days, he said


Caution to drivers

“Transport Department gave the schedule on different types of road accidents, causes and how to prevent them. We want to caution the drivers, vehicle riders and pedestrians on various aspects,” said Motor Vehicle Inspector B. Gopi Naik.

“We are performing shows against cell phone and drunken driving and explaining to people the consequences of underage driving, speeding and rash driving. Through ‘burrakathas we are narrating the need to use helmets and seat belts and keep the vehicles in good condition,” said the artistes.


RTA arranges shows to create awareness and prevent accidents




2 thoughts on “Using ‘Burrakatha’ to promote road safety

  1. This looks like a very imaginative way to get a road safety message across. Far better than a normal style campaign which people just seem to ignore. I hope it works and achieves some good results.

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