Turning a passion into profession

Artist Naresh Mahanta explaining his works to Mayank Kumari Deo, who inaugurated the expo at Visakha museum on the beach road in Visakhapatnam on Friday. —PhotoS:C.V.SUBRAHMANYAM

What was a passion for Naresh Mahanta has become a full-time profession. Inspired by the great masters, he has taken up portrait painting and enjoys it.

Speaking about his works after a show of his works spread over more than 10 years, which was inaugurated by Mayank Kumari Deo at the Visakha Museum here on Friday, he says that he has been learning from each of his works.

From some of the portraits with inanimate backgrounds to the new ones set against landscapes, each has a lesson, he added.

Varied mediums

The 35 works he has put up on show at the three-day exhibition have a different story to tell.

He has worked with acrylic, water colours, pastels and charcoal.

Most of his works use acrylic on canvas, for his live study he has used water colours as it has to be completed in a short time, he said and added that he has used charcoal only recently.

Hailing from Odisha, he has been in the city for the last one year and has set up his studio – fine art Sketch – the contemporary portrait studio.

His attention to detail is exemplified in each of his works, with each wrinkle, mole and crease clearly visible on the individual.

What makes them stand out is that they are full of life.

The show is on from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.


The 35 works which Naresh Mahanta has put up on show at the 3-day exhibition have a different story to tell



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