VUDA lawns getting ready for big events

One of the three venues being developed at VUDA Park in Visakhapatnam.Three event lawns have been developed at VUDA Park to meet the demand for big events.

VUDA Vice-Chairman N. Yuvaraj has announced that the three lawns will be opened for allotment from February 1 for the conduct of cultural, social programmes and marriages. Three stages have already been constructed on the seaside with sufficient parking and remaining infrastructure will be completed by the month-end.

The area covered by the MGM Selve World earlier has been converted into the event lawns. Allotment charges for each event lawn will be Rs.50,000 per day in addition to electrical deposit of Rs.5,000 and a refundable deposit of Rs.15,000 towards cleaning charges.

Another event lawn atop Kailasagiri has also been developed to meet the requirements for conduct of kitty parties, birthday parties, get-togethers and small cultural programmes. With a stage already available, the venue is being readied.

Bonsai gardens

To further improve Kailasagiri, proposals for Bio-Diversity Park and Bonsai gardens have been taken up, says Dr. Yuvaraj.

The new facilities will come up at the vacant sites, including those that are available because of the projects dropped like cottages and revolving restaurant. Dr. Yuvaraj has initiated steps to make use of the sites and incomplete structures to locate the new facilities. To make use of the cottage structures, Lepakshi and Tourism Department stalls will be considered. Huge models of dinosaurs will be installed at Bio- Diversity Park. The Vizag Bonsai Society will be allocated sufficient space for growing Bonsai plants.

Dr. Yuvaraj visited the sites on Tuesday.


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