Secret…….Honey, I glow!

Honey moisturises and soothes skin

Honey can be used for skincare, particularly in winter. It moisturises and soothes, helps create a glow and also opens up pores. It is also an anti-ageing element. Skin expert Rashmi Shetty says, “Raw honey is incredible for your skin, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties and hefty serving of skin-saving antioxidants.” Aromatherapist Blossom Kochhar says, “Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive do-it-yourself solution or a powerful skin treatment, raw honey can help you regain your glow.”

Rod Anker, creative director of Monsoon Salon & Spa says, “Honey naturally retains moisture and its high levels of antioxidants soothe and rejuvenate dry and damaged skin. It would be the best option to recover the radiance of skin.” Several leading spas and salon are said to incorporate honey into their popular treatments.



One thought on “Secret…….Honey, I glow!

  1. So do you just slather it on right out of the jar? Or should you mix it with cream first? I’d like to try it 🙂

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