A story with proud!

Peruri Suryanarayana at work at Kadiam.Photo: S. RambabuKadiam village is famous for its nurseries and a variety of plants including ornamental, herbal, flower and others. But, there is a potter, who did his village proud with his innovation.

Peruri Suryanarayana (65) has been dependent on pottery work for the last 40 years. Life became difficult for him as he could not make more than 40 to 50 pots per day. “When I started my pottery work about 40 years ago, it was less than one naia paisa per a big pot. Then it slowly went up to Rs.3. The prices of pots have increased at a snail’s pace, but the prices of essential commodities sky-rocketed. I thought of leaving my community profession at one stage,” said Suryanarayana.

Then he got the idea of making pots with the support of electric domestic grinder. After getting it from one of his well-wishers, he removed its steel top and made a `sari’ wheel to make pots. To his surprise, from day one he had made 150 to 200. Now, with improved skill and expertise, he is making 300 pots per day.

After two days of making pots, he would dry them in an open area adjacent to his house.When asked about demand for pots, he said his product had all-time demand. “For example, when the marriages season starts, we are asked to make pots as our custom says that the bride has to perform pooja with pots only. During summer, we make pots suiting the taste of consumers. Our pots are used during funerals also,”. His son Hanumanthu, who is by his side, helps his father all the time.


Peruri Suryanarayana, using a domestic grinder in an innovative way, is making 300 pots a day and making a good profit.



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